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Queen's Engineering Physics: Challenge Yourself !


Welcome to the oldest, and one of the most highly respected, engineering physics program in Canada.

The quality and respect of our students:
"I have had employers on the phone asking me "where can we get more of your engineering physics graduates?". The program is very challenging, but it creates an engineer that isn't afraid to tackle anything and can solve a problem from the ground up."
Dr. Lynann Clapham, Associate Dean of Engineering, and Professor of Engineering Physics.

* Some useful links *
> Faculty of applied science engineering physics description (includes a YouTube video about the top ten reasons to attend Queen's Engineering): here
> Engineering physics course calendar (which lists the courses after the common first year): here
> Common first year courses: here
> Complimentary studies courses are shown: here
> Commentaries on the program (from students and faculty): here
> Presentation (pdf format) on the program, presented at the accepted student day, 2009: here

Please feel free to browse our web pages. If you have any additional questions on the program, please feel free to contact the undergraduate Chair or outreach coordinator below.


Chair of Engineering Physics:
Dr. Geoff Lockwood
Office: Stirling 208H
Tel: +1 613 533 6799
Email: lockwood AT

Engineering Physics Outreach Coordinator:
Dr. Jun Gao
Office: Stirling 208F
Tel: +1 613 533 6788
Email: jungao AT

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