Current & Past Students

Current Graduate Students

Cory Wagner – Ph.D. Candidate
(Ph.D. 2018) Strangulation of Hot Halos in Cluster Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Michael McDonald at MIT)
(M.Sc. 2014) The Evolution of Star Formation Activity in Cluster Galaxies

Nikhil Arora – M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) N-body Investigation of the Impact of Size Measurements on Fundamental Galaxy Structural Parameters such as Dynamical Mass Profiles (co-advised by Prof. David Hanes at Queen’s University)

Christine Hall – M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) Understanding the Scatter of the Galaxy Main Sequence

Connor Stone – M.Sc. Candidate
(M.Sc. 2018) The Dependence of Dynamical Tracers on Galaxy Properties, based on Machine Learning 

Former Graduate Students

Jonathan Sick – Now Research Associate at LSST/Tucson
(Ph.D. 2017) The Andromeda Optical and Infrared Disk Survey (ANDROIDS)
(M.Sc. 2010) Infrared Imaging of the Andromeda Galaxy

Nathalie Ouellette – Now Outreach Coordinator at CPARC/Queen’s University 
(Ph.D. 2016) The Scaling Relations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
(M.Sc. 2012) The Dynamical Properties of Virgo Cluster Galaxies
Nathalie’s press coverage: Kingston Whig – May 23, 2012

Colleen Gilhuly – now PhD candidate at Univ. of Toronto
(M.Sc. 2016) A Complete Photometric Analysis of CALIFA Galaxies

Farid Qamar – self-employed 
(M.Sc. 2014)  Environmental Effects on Close Galaxy Pairs in the SDSS
(co-advised by Prof. David Patton at Trent University)

Joel Roediger – Now Gemini Scientist at NRC Herzberg
(Ph.D. 2013) Scaling Relations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies and Galactic Globular Clusters
(M.Sc. 2009) Stellar Populations of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Gwendolyne Eadie – Now PDF at Univ. of Washington
(M.Sc. 2013) The Distribution of Dark Matter from Kinematic Tracers
(co-advised by Prof. Larry Widrow)

Alessandra Beifiori – Now Research Associate at MPE/Garching
(Ph.D. 2010) Supermassive Black Holes and their Hosts
(co-advised by Prof. Enrico Maria Corsini at Padova)

Melanie Hall – Now Program Manager at Spark Telus Science Center, Calgary
(M.Sc. 2010) An Investigation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data and Multi-Band Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies

Leslie Prochaska Chamberlain (UNC) – Now Instructor/Astronomer at Saint Paul’s School, NH
(Ph.D. 2009) The Stellar Populations of S0 Galaxies
(co-advised by Prof. Jim Rose at UNC)

Michael McDonald (Queen’s) – Now Assistant Professor at MIT
(M.Sc. 2007) The Surface Brightness Distribution of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Kelly Foyle (Queen’s) – Now Outreach Scientist at the Perimeter Institute
(M.Sc. 2007) Numerical Simulations of Galaxy Density Profiles
(co-advised by Prof. Robert Thacker at SMU)

Aaron Dutton (UBC) – Now Research Associate at NYUAD
(M.Sc. 2005) Mass Modeling of Disk Galaxies: Degeneracies, Constraints, and Adiabatic Contraction

Lauren MacArthur (UBC) – Now LSST Research Associate at Princeton University
(M.Sc. 2002; Ph.D. 2005) Stellar Populations of Bulges and Disks in Spiral Galaxies
(2006 Plaskett Medal for Best Canadian Ph.D. Thesis in Astronomy)

Current Undergraduate Honours or Summer Students

Sean Begy – USRA (2018), Honours (2019)
The Velocity Function of Virgo Cluster Galaxies 

Matt Bowen – Honours (2018)
Faint Stellar Halos in Virgo Cluster Galaxies 

David Tang – Honours (2018)
The Stellar M*/L of UGC Galaxies from SDSS Imaging

Former Undergraduate Students

Stephanie Lowell – SWEP (2016), USRA (2017)
The Physics of Light and Colour, Science Leadership and Management

Kevin McKinnon – NSERC USRA and Honours (2017) – Now at UC Santa Cruz
Photometric Investigation of the Next Generation Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Christine Hall – SWEP (2016) and Honours (2016) – Now at Queen’s University
The Star Formation Rates in Spiral Galaxies

Ella Koonar – Honours (2016)
The M/L Ratios of Late-Type Galaxies

Mie Beers – USRA (2015) – Now at McGill Univ.
Python Programming for Astronomical Applications

Dana Simard – Honours (2014) – Now at the Univ. of Toronto
The Mass Profile of the Andromeda Galaxy

Nathasha Urbancic – Honours (2014) – At the Univ. of Toronto
The Velocity Fields of VIVA Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Kristine Spekkens)

Yutong Shan – Honours (2013) – Now at Harvard University
The Stellar Masses of Cluster Galaxies (co-advised by Prof. Michael McDonald at MIT)

Shane Hills – Honours (2013) – Now at Stanford University
The Multiple Populations of Galactic Globular Clusters

Clare Higgs – Honours (2012) – Now at Univ. of Victoria / NRC Herzberg
M/L Ratios in Spiral Galaxies

Chris Barber – Honours (2011) – Now at Leiden University
The Stellar Composition of Galactic Globular Clusters

Anneya Golob – Honours (2010) – Now at Saint-Mary’s University
GALFIT Decompositions of Spiral Galaxies

Yucong Zhu – Honours (2009) – Ph.D. at Harvard University, now Wall Street Analyst 
2D B/D Decompositions of Observed and Simulated Spiral Galaxies

Margaret McLean – Honours (2008) – Ph.D at Harvard University
Systematics of Model Galaxy Density Profiles and Rotation Curves

Melanie Hall – Honours (2007) – Now Program Manager at Spark Telus Science Center, Calgary
The Scaling Relations of SDSS Galaxies

Alex Walker – Honours (2007) – Now at Université d’Ottawa
A Study of Dust Extinction in SDSS Galaxy Photometry

Mélanie Carrière – Honours (2006) – Now Research Scientist with Government of Canada
Truncation Radii in Spiral Galaxies

Evan Canty – B.Sc. Eng. Physics (2006) – Professionally Employed
Design and Implementation of a Filter Wheel for Queen’s Observatory
(co-supervised by Bernie Ziomkiewicz)

Michael McDonald – Honours (2005) – Now Assistant Professor at MIT
The Surface Brightness Distribution of UMa Cluster Galaxies

Suresh Sivanandam – Honours (UBC 2004) – Now Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto
Bulge-Disk Decompositions of Galaxy Light Profiles

Joanna Woo – (UBC 2004) – Now at ETH/Zurich
The Fundamental Plane of Dwarf Galaxies

Stéphane Courteau with colleague Ricardo Schiavon and some of Stéphane’s current and former students. Left to right: Nathalie Ouellette, Stéphane Courteau, Ricardo Schiavon, Melanie Hall, Jonathan Sick, Joel Roediger, Chris Barber, and Gwen Eadie. Taken at “Woodenheads” in Kingston (Oct 2010).