Dark matter and statistics

I  have something of  a strange obsession with statistical techniques that can help us in the search for dark matter – or new physics in general. This page contains a number of related topics.

  •  I am a member of the GAMBIT global fitting collaboration, which is both an intrepid group of parameter space explorers – and a great piece of open source physics software.
  • In 2018 I organized DMStats: Statistical Challenges in the Search for Dark Matter, which was held at BIRS, Banff, Alberta, Feb 26-Mar 2nd 2018, with the goal of colliding physicists and statisticians to see what ideas come out. The conference website is here; you’ll find the schedule as well as videos of the many excellent talks. Our summary paper is now available on the arXiv.
  • Here is a link to a little crash course I gave at Queen’s for the Bayes-curious. It is mostly based on this very nice (and much more complete) set of notes by Roberto Trotta.
  • I am currently co-organizing a workshop on Random Walks in Math, Physics and Society (or, WIMPS… I know) with Catherine Pfaff from Queen’s Math, Aaron Smith from U. of Ottawa and Ilya Kapovich from Hunter college.  More details will appear once our funding has been secured.