The ultrafast and nonlinear optics facility at Queen's University is fully operational with ultrafast (100 fs duration, tuning range over the visible and infrared 80 MHz repetition rate) and continuous-wave laser sources.Experimental stations are customized to the particular research needs, using various elements that include piezo-controlled positioning, high numerical aperture microscope objectives for focusing and photon collection, homebuilt and commercial spectrometers, fiber interferometers, and sensitive detectors for weak signal measurement.

We have two laser machining systems: macro system and micro system. The macro system is equipped with a 1000W high power laser. The micro system is equipped with 3D motion stage with accuracy of 20nm and a 2D high speed scanning mirror.

Key funding for the optics facility has been obtained though NSERC and university sources, along with CFI(Canada) and MRI (Ontario). Additional project support has been provided by the Ontario Centres of Excellence and Cancer Care Ontario.


Our current laboratories are Stirling Hall 128 and 161C-1 (new facility). Our address is:

Stirling Hall
Department of Physics
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6 Canada