ENPH/PHYS 344 (Fall 2017) - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Quantum 1)

Instructor: R. J. Gooding

378 Stirling Hall
TEL: (613) 533-2696

Course Information Updates

Dec. 14th: Best of luck on the rest of your final exams. Marks will not be available until they are official and posted on SOLUS.

Dec. 19th: Assignment #6 has been marked - the average was 87%, so well done! You may collect your assignments from the 344 mail slot.
The maximum mark earned on assignments was 176.5/185. So, to get your total assignment mark, add up the 6 marks you received, and divide by 176.5. With this approach the average assignment mark is 78.5% (recall that the average midterm mark was 71.1%).

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