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Page Does Not Exist (Don't Panic, We'll Get You There!)

If you have arrived at this page, you have most likely followed a stale link from prior to our recent reorganization. You will probably be able to find your way by using the brief list of links below or our hints for finding course webs. If you were already visiting another internal page, please send a message about the broken link to our web manager using the link at the bottom of this page.

Most Common Top-Level Links

Finding Course Webs

If you have attempted to find a course with a URL that is of the form /coursename/ after the site name, please try adding a preceeding tilde, ~, which roughly translates as home of on the local system.





General Course Page Location Convention

Most course pages should be able to be found by prepending a tilde to the official course designation.

Physics 350 PHYS 350 http://www.physics.queensu.ca/~phys350/
Applied Science 111 APSC 111 http://www.physics.queensu.ca/~apsc111/

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