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Staff & Postdocs

There are currently no funded postdoc positions available. Interested people are welcome to contact me in the event that such funding does come through in the near future. If you are interested in working in our group, there are external sources of funding that can be applied for. I can help you apply for these - contact me .

Graduate Students

  • Jennifer Campbell (M.Sc.Eng.): Research project: ultra-high frequency cantilevers for force microscopy
  • Nicholas Allec (M.Sc.Eng.) - Co-supervised with Li Shang in ECE: Research project: Adaptive simulation of single electronics and thermal behaviour of nanostructures.
  • Ben Lucht (M.Sc.Eng.): Research Project: Nano-mechanical shuttling of electrons
  • Joshua Rideout (M.Sc.): Research Project: Co-planar waveguides for nanomechanical measurements.
  • Scott Pierobon (M.Sc.): Research Project: Piezo-electric nanomechanical devices
We are always looking for good students with bachelors or masters degrees in physics (or closely related fields) to join our group. Currently, we have one funded position for a graduate student to join us starting in 2006, while scholarship-supported students are always encouraged to contact us. You'll work on all aspects of nanoscale science: from device fabrication to equipment design and construction to cryogenic measurements to modelling results. Contact Prof. Knobel by phone or email.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students in physics or engineering who would like to get some hands-on experience in a laboratory should contact me! There will likely be a position or two available every summer, with a variety of topics available.


  • Cory Dean (Summer 2004): Cory worked on the design and construction of a 1 Kelvin cryostat. Cory has started a PhD in physics at McGill.
  • Devin Smith (Summer 2004): Devin worked on a large number of projects setting up the lab, including setting up fabrication equipment, writing data taking software and building a vacuum-compatible rotating evaporator stage. Devin has completing his 4th year of Engineering Physics at Queen's.
  • Jon Buset (Summer 2005): Jon worked on developing techniques for electron-beam lithography, on cleanroom renovations and setup, and on automating data taking routines in Matlab. Jon is an M.Sc. student at McGill
  • Daniel Ogutu-Were (Summer 2005): Daniel worked on cryogenic systems and on building cryogenic systems for radio-frequency impedance matching. He is continuing as a fourth-year student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's.
  • Mark Patterson
  • Allan Munro
  • Olubusola Koyi
  • Kyle Kemp
  • Greg Dubejsky
  • Vincent Leduc
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