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Abstracts submitted to the Pretend Conference of Astrobiology - Ranking made by students.



The final exam is set to be on: 

April 12th, at 19:00, duration - 2 hours. Location: Stirling D.


If you have conflicts, tournaments, or it is more convenient for you to have it earlier, an additional date is

Friday April 4th, at 12:30, duration - 2 hours: Location Rm 501.


Room 501 has only 75 seats (compared to 94 students), therefore if you plan on having your final exam on April 4th, e-mail me to make sure we don't exceed the number of seats.


These two dates will be the ONLY dates for the Phys214 final exam. 


The final review was moved on April 2nd. Check the updated calendar.





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Results of questionnaire on your favorite subjects and topics of this class.




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